Tracking cases that protect freedom of expression, association, and assembly


The Civic Space Case-tracker is a valuable tool to mobilize legal support, advocacy efforts, and foster collaboration and strengthening of networks.

legal support

Do you need to strengthen or define your litigation strategy, including workshopping the best and most strategic fora to litigate? Do you want to enhance the international legal standards used in your case and/or explore comparative legal norms? Do you require assistance in submitting an amicus curiae or expert opinions to support your case or do you wish to bolster legal arguments or evidence in your litigation?


Do you need to raise the profile of a case? Would your legal case benefit from support to participate in hearings or other advocacy mechanisms held in regional or universal human rights systems? Do you want to promote a specific advocacy effort like a sign-on letter or petition? Do you require a bump in the visibility of your case  at the international level and/or do you want to ensure that your key messages are quickly shared through social media?

fostering collaboration & STRENGTHENING NETWORKS

Would you like to exchange ideas, strategies, best practices, and lessons learned? Do you want to strengthen or expand your network of strategic alliances and connections with other organizations, litigators, and experts from other countries or regions?